North Star Kindred
Building a Heathen Community in Ohio
Upcoming Events
Study Sessions
North Star Kindred meets irregularly for study meetings based on the groups interests and availability.  We have recently completed an Introduction to the Runes study and in the coming year are planning to do a Lore Study.  If you would be interested in joining us, we invite you to send us a message for current dates and readings.

Study meetings are open to all, and we find that different levels of experience and familiarity with the material can generate some of the richest conversation.  We look forward to seeing you soon!
Our ritual schedule varies year to year.  Generally, North Star Kindred celebrates the following Holy Tides, with the actual celebration occuring on a Saturday around the date given.  If you are interested in attending a ritual, please contact us so we can give you the pertinent information.  Additionally, we post our gatherings to our Facebook page .

Yule: December 17-31.  We celebrate Yule as a season beginning with Mothers' Night.  This is the time when Heathens gather to exchange gifts to see each other through the long dark winter and to encourage Sunna to return to us with her life-giving energy.

Disablot: February 1st.  At this ritual we honor our female ancestral lines and prepare for the coming spring.  Traditionally, this is when the lambs started to drop and the first dairy was once again available.

Ostara: March 21.  The Spring Equinox marks the turning from the dark half of the year to the light.  We celebrate the fertility of spring and honor the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre by smashing Old Man Winter.

Walpurgisnacht: April 30-May 1.  A night of magic and connection to the ancestors, Walpurgisnacht is a time for dancing and feasting.  Traditionally celebrated with roaring bonfires, this night we usually do Seidr and turn to the gods and ancestors for advice.

Midsummer: June 21.  In northern climes, travel was easiest during the summer and so summer was when the Things gathered to make important decisions.  Midsummer is a time for us to meet with others, learn, and celebrate the warmth of summer with offerings to those that help our crops grow.

Loafmas: August 1.  The first of the harvest festivals, Loafmas celebrates the grain harvest.  Fresh bread and games are commonly enjoyed with an offering to Sif and Thor for the bounty they provide us.

Winterfinding: September 21.  The second harvest festival for the fruits of the field.  Winterfinding celebrates the Autumn Equinox as the days once more turn towards more dark than light and we begin preparing for the long cold dark of winter.

Winternights: October 31.  A night of magic, Winternights is another night of thin veils when we journey into the mound to seek counsel from the dead.  The last of the harvest is in now, and anything remaining in the fields is left for the landvaettir.  
We believe that to build a community requires committment and perserverence.  It takes work and effort.  We are an inclusive and welcoming group and hope to soon be able to call you friend.