North Star Kindred
Building a Heathen Community in Ohio
About North Star Kindred

What we do and why.

In 2011, Marilyn and Laura were sitting in the living room doing research for some totally unrelated project and stumbled upon Asatru.  Like is often the case, the unplanned detour would be a turning point and change their lives.  ​Stories like this are common among those who find their way to Asatru.  The Gods and Ancestors call many of us home in many different ways.

Whether you've been walking this path for a while or are just starting out, we would like to welcome you and invite you to come share a beer (or a coffee) with us, get to know us, and see if this is a path that's also right for you!  

Most NSK functions are family friendly and every effort is made to accomidate and include children.   We also hold as a core belief that the Gods call who they will.  We do not discriminate based on Race, Ethnicity, Class, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation.  Everyone is welcome at our events and anyone breaking Our Frith will be removed.
Study Sessions
Earth-Based Religion
North Star Kindred celebrates the Holy Tides as recognized by the Pre-Christian peoples of Northern Europe.  We enjoy hosting public rituals and varying the format.  Ritual ties a community together.  NSK also has legally ordained clergy to help with private rituals as needed.
We often joke that Asatru is a religion with homework.  In fact, that can be offputting for people new to the path.  One way we try and help people settle onto their new path is through Study Sessions.  Check out the Events Listings for more information.
As Heathens, we work to build relationships with more than just the Gods.  We also develop a practice that includes reverence for nature and for our Ancestors.